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Black Friday falls on Friday 29th November 2018.

Held the Friday after Thanksgiving, this fairly recent phenomenon see stores online and on the high street slash prices- and the public go crazy for the bargains!

Seen as the start of the festive shopping period, the day has grown enormously with more and more retailers taking part, larger than expected crowds desperate to bag a bargain and the event gaining momentum over seas.

Called Black Friday because of the increased profits and turnover on the day, and businesses recording losses in red and gains in black, many businesses now have a Black Friday week and promote the events heavily prior to the date.

Loved by many, the day has also attracted criticism from retailers and the public.  Some retailers do not participate- accusing the day of encouraging make believe promotions and fake prices, prolonging the Christmas sale period unnecessarily and affecting sales the rest of the year round.  Some consumers are also critical of the sales for encouraging long queues, unsocial behaviour, consumerism and greediness.

A whole market has grown around the promotion of the event, with consumer programs and websites dedicated to finding the best bargains.

There is no denying that there are some real bargains to be had- if you can face the queues!  So get your comfortable shoes on, your shopping bags ready- and go get ’em!

November 29 2019


Date: November 29
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