Charles Bonnet Syndrome Day / Esme’s Umbrella Day

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Charles Bonnet Syndrome Day / Esme’s Umbrella Day


Esme’s Umbrella is the Campaign Group for everyone working towards raising awareness of Charles Bonnet Syndrome, a condition, which causes silent visual hallucinations in people with low or no sight.

People are living with CBS in frightened silence, thinking they are developing dementia and not wanting to confide in anyone.

Too often the condition is misdiagnosed as dementia because not enough healthcare professionals have heard of CBS and ophthalmologists do not always warn their patients with low vision that CBS might develop.

The hallucinations range from disturbing to terrifying and, because they come from the brain, are sharp and clear. This means that the teeth and saliva of a tiger, the worms and slugs on scrambled eggs or the fast-flowing river rushing through the room, are all too real.

Research is vital and so is raising awareness to allay the very real risks of misdiagnosis of dementia.

Clinical guidance is provided by Dr Dominic ffytche reader in visual Psychiatry, Kings College London and as part of an extensive research and development program we are also working to find out how many cases of CBS there are in the UK, analysing data gathered, and asking sufferers and their families to donate their experiences via our dedicated phone lines open 24/7 365 and managed by The Help and Information Service.

We know many people will want to get involved on the day with fund raising, as well as sharing coping strategies and info across Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Learn more about CBS with our specially commissioned NHS partnership video available on the

Esme Site.

Donate money for vital research visit our Fund at Fight for Sight on



Phone 24/7 365 0345 051 3925

Twitter: @esmesumbrella  #CharlesBonnetDay #EsmesUmbrella



November 16 2017


Date: November 16, 2017
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