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Cupcake Day 2020

This special event takes place on June 13th and is held each year to raise money to help the fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Whether you like to bake or simply show your support by purchasing cupcakes to munch, this is a great way to help people in your local community.

You can host a Cupcake Day wherever and whenever is convenient for you. Host your own Cupcake Day at home or virtually with friends, family or workmates, and help us bake a difference by raising some dough for people affected by dementia.

Host online

Go virtual and stay connected with workmates, friends or family by organising a video call.  Catch up over a cupcake and a cuppa and raise some ‘dough’. You could even hold a virtual bake off and see who can get the most creative using store cupboard essentials or simply whose looks the best (or worst!).

Host at home

Get the little ones involved and get creative with what’s in the cupboards to cook up some magic in the kitchen. Dust off everyone’s favourite recipes or try whisking up something new to raise money for people affected by dementia. Cupcake Day is a great break from lessons and will also teach them a brand new skill! They can show off their creations to the whole family.

Host later in the year

Where there’s a whisk there’s a way! You can host your Cupcake Day later in the year when we can safely come back together – whenever and wherever you like. So dust off your baking bowls, whip out your whisks and let’s cook up a storm to support everyone affected by dementia.

Whether you decide to fundraise or simply ‘dough-nate’, every bit of dough you raise will help us be there for people affected by dementia at this difficult time. And the icing on the cake: by being part of it, you’ll feel more connected too.

The fight against dementia is an important one as this is the most significant cause of death among people who live in England and Wales. Unfortunately, no cure for dementia has been discovered as yet and research continues, while the large number of people who suffer from this disease means that the cost of care is very high.

Fortunately, Cupcake Day provides a significant way of helping and has raised £2.7 million since 2016 in England on this day alone. A large part of the money raised went to opening special dementia cafes where people who suffer from the disease have a welcoming place to gather with their carers and support each other while enjoying a little light refreshment.

A large number of cafes, churches and other types of institutions are set to take part in Cupcake Day 2019. There are hundreds of easy to follow cupcake recipes to choose from and this is the perfect opportunity to get busy in the kitchen for a good cause. If baking is not your forte, make sure you grab a special fundraising kit and help to raise much needed funds and awareness.

June 13 2020


United Kingdom

United Kingdom