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Established in 2013 by the UK charity Alcohol Concern, DRY JANUARY  is the non profit organisations flagship campaign which has been changing the conversation about alcohol over the past number of years.

Taking part in the campaign is a chance to ditch the hangover, reduce the waistline, and save some serious £££ by giving up alcohol for 31 days.


In the words of Professor Kevin Moore:

If someone had a health product that did all that in one month, they would be raking it in.”

With many, many studies undertaken around the benefits of temporarily abstaining from drinking alcohol, this is a perfect opportunity to undo some of the damage done to your body ( and wallet) throughout the festive season.

Visit the Alcohol concern website to understand the story behind the fast growing campaign.  Join in to benefit your own well being, or do it to raise funds.

Dry January is the annual movement through which millions of people give up alcohol for the month of January.

Doing Dry January:

  • Enables you to take control of your relationship with alcohol.
  • Drives a conversation about alcohol: why do we drink it, what does it do, and how can we reduce the harm it can cause?

Alcohol Concern brings together an amazing network of individuals and organisations, including partner charities who work on issues associated with alcohol. Together, we will reduce the harm caused by alcohol.


Taking part in our campaign is a chance to ditch the hangover, reduce the waistline, and save some serious money by giving up alcohol for 31 days. Read more about why doing Dry January is a good idea.


You can read the published paper on Voluntary Temporary Abstinence From Alcohol During “Dry January” and Subsequent Alcohol Use

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