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It’s an inevitable part of life that not many like to talk about, but it will affect all of our lives at some point, and eventually we’ll succumb to it to. Death happens to everyone and it’s a normal part of nature’s order, and being aware of it, but not dwelling on it, is a key aspect of living a happy, full and productive life.

Dying Matters Week falls on the 13th-19th of May this year and is a chance to bring awareness to the charity. Dying Matters aims to bring conversations and talking about the subject of death and bereavement into the national agenda. They believe if death isn’t such a taboo subject then people will lead happier lives and prepare for their funeral arrangements more often, which will help their families in their time of need.

As everyone deals with death and grief in a different way, it’s important that people feel like they can ask others for help in their time of greatest need. Unfortunately many feel too scared of being judged, too proud to show emotion or can’t find the words to express what they’re feeling. On the other side, if we can see someone dealing with death, we may find it hard to talk to them about it out of politeness or fear of saying the wrong thing to them and increasing the hurt.

This years week aims to change that by bringing the subject of death to the forefront by talking about it in our local community centres, community days, schools, libraries and other areas of public life.

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