Dystonia Awareness Week 2018

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Dystonia Awareness Week is supported by The Dystonia Society.

Dystonia is a condition in which incorrect signals from the brain causes muscles to pull on the body and spasm. Dystonia can be very painful to a person with this condition. Once symptoms of dystonia begin, they can become progressively worse; symptoms can worsen from up to 5 years since diagnosis.

Raising Awareness About The Types Of Dystonia

There are several types or subsets of dystonia which are defined  by areas of the body affected, the severity of symptoms shown or the cause of the symptoms.

Dystonia which affects more than one area of the body include generalized dystonia (most of the body including back and trunk), hemidystonia (only one side of the body is affected) and paraxysmal dystonia which affects part or all of the body in brief episodes. Dystonia can affect both children and adults (in the UK approximately 70,000 people have dystonia of which about 8,000 are children).

April 29 2018


Start: April 29
End: May 7
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