International FND Awareness Day 2019

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International FND Awareness Day 2019

International FND Awareness Day 2019 is on April 13th. Organised by FND Hope, the day is to raise awareness and funding for Functional Neurological Disease(FND).

FND is a condition which affects neurological, functional and motor processes and is an illness that as yet is not fully understood, nor are the causes.

FND patients sometimes have the added pain of being treated as malingerers along with their other symptoms, as it is an invisible illness with the source and cause hard to pinpoint. Which is why it is important to raise awareness of the condition and raise funds for research of the condition. This is why International FND Awareness Day is important.

People suffering FND have to endure a range of crippling and upsetting symptoms, with no way of knowing why, and with no known cure and very little effective treatment. Patients have to adjust their lives to the symptoms and the fluctuations of symptoms, which can leave them isolated and unhappy and struggling with everyday life. There is a range of symptoms for example incontinence, muscle problems, pain, sleep, cognition and vision issues, and each individual is affected differently.

International FND Day enables people with the condition to share their stories and raise awareness, alongside friends, family and medical professionals who can hold fundraising and awareness raising events for much needed research and support. Social Media is also used to raise awareness of FND on International FND Awareness Day.

April 13 2019


Date: April 13, 2019
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