International Kissing Day 2018

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International Kissing Day 2018

July the 6th is International Kissing Day which is the perfect excuse to grab that special someone in your life and pucker up. But how will people around the world be celebrating International Kissing Day? Here’s a few interesting facts on how other cultures see the kiss.

  • In Italy and Greece friends, both men and women commonly kiss each other on the lips when greeting each other, whereas in France one air kiss on each cheek is a customary greeting.
  • Modern Anthropologists believe that kissing developed from “Eskimo kissing” , which is actually the practise of rubbing noses to take in each others breath. This is also practised amongst many Pacific Islanders as a greeting, which has led to the theory that kissing is actually a testing of another persons scent to measure compatibility!
  • In Vietnam kissing between spouses is only done in private, with China and Japan adopting a similar attitude towards this. While people from the Netherlands actually opt for 3 kisses as a form of greeting.

However you plan on marking the event, Happy International Kissing Day everyone!



July 06 2018


Date: July 6
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