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International Pillow Fight Day 2020 takes place on 4th April. On this date, massive pillow fights will take place in cities around the world including London, New York, Rotterdam and Seattle, to name just a few.

The first World Pillow Fight day took place in March 2008, and since then the movement has grown with pillow fighting flash mobs fighting it out in more and more cities every year, all just in the name of fun.


It may all be a bit of fun, but there are still some rules involved. These can vary from city to city so make sure to check them out before jumping in. Some common rules are:
Swing lightly.
Do not swing at people without pillows.
Do not swing at people with cameras.
Soft pillows only!
Bring a bag to help with clean up after.
Some pillow fight organisers request that you do not use feather pillows due to animal welfare concerns whereas some actively encourage the use of feather pillows describing it as more fun. If you are unsure of the pillow rules of the event that you plan to attend then the best option is synthetic.

If you would like to get involved or organise your own pillow fighting flash mob more information can be found at www.pillowfightday.com.

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