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Hang Ten during International Surfing Day 2020

People who live to ride the waves will want to make sure that they don’t miss out on the fun of International Surfing Day 2020. This special event was established back in 2004 by The Surfrider Foundation in collaboration with Surfing Magazine and in 2020 with take place on June 20th.

As the name suggests, International Surfing Day is held all over the world in destinations where surfing is particularly popular such as Hawaii, California, Bali and Newquay in Cornwall. A large number of surfing competitions will be held on this day, which attract pro surfers from around the world as well as anyone who simply wants to have fun riding the waves.

A number of other types of beach related activities will also be held in order to celebrate International Surfing Day 2019 such as film screenings on the sand, barbecues and parties. This is also a good time to give back to the beach by organising cleanups and special events that promote preservation of this very precious habitat.

Of course, everyone is invited to join in the fun of International Surfing Day 2019. People who enjoy surfing will find that this is the perfect time of year to take to the water and perhaps pick up some new skills from professional surfers. You can also organise your own beach party on this day with friends and family as a way of getting together and having fun on the sand while getting back to nature and of messing about in the water.