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Jeans for Genes Day is held this year from 14th – 20th September. But what is Jeans for Genes Day. But what is Jeans for Genes Day? Life-altering Genetic Disorders affect around half a million children in the UK. Jeans for Genes Day is fundraising day for children with genetic conditions in the UK.

On Jeans for Genes day, participating schools and workplaces allow students and staff to wear jeans and casual wear to school and work instead of their usual uniforms and formal workwear. They participate in fundraising by raising money in return for wearing casual wear and by holding events to raise money.

Money raised by Jeans for Genes Day is distributed in an annual grant programme that provides funds to groups and organizations that support children with genetic disorders. One of the main beneficiaries is Genetic Disorders UK, an organization that supports families affected by genetic disorders. They are available here:

Money raised for Jeans for Genes also goes on developing resources in schools to encourage inclusion of children affected by genetic disorders.

Some of the outcomes of fundraising include holidays for families affected by genetic disorders, provision of communication equipment, sensory equipment, support groups, support websites, mobility aids, education and training,and much more.

There is a dedicated website for Jeans for Jeans Day, where you can find out more. Donations can be made on the website all year round, and you can arrange your participation or your workplace’s participation. The website can be found here: www.jeansforgenesday.org

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