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National Black Cat Day is held each year on the 27th October and was organised by Cats Protection back in 2011 with the aim of promoting the beauty of black cats.

In the past black cats have suffered from a bad rep, with superstition and folklore around the world playing a huge part in this. Did you know that in previous years black cats in rescues took on average 7 days longer to be rehomed than their furry friends of other colours?


Although the hard work of Cats Protection and the yearly Black Cat Day campaign has helped to boost the profile of these beautiful little guys – in turn helping to reduce the time that they spend waiting for their forever homes, let’s keep banging the drum of our black furry friends and celebrate all things great about them this October 27th!

You can get involved on social media by using the hashtag #BlackCatDay or if you really want to show the love and you think that you have the perfect home to share with a feline friend then check out Cats Protection for more details on how to adopt a cat.


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