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Everyday is a food holiday, and we celebrate some special dish, beverage or ingredient. But May 11 is special, because today you can eat whatever you want.

It’s National Eat What You Want Day! This holiday was introduced by Thomas Roy, American film and voice actor, and his wife Ruth. They have made up about 80 funny holidays, officially registered under Wellcat Holidays trademark.Today people are obsessed with diets and healthy nutrition.

But everyone can relax and forget about the diet at lease once a year. Thomas and Ruth suggest doing it on May 11. And if you keep to a diet, you can eat what you want or try something that you’ve never tasted before.

If you don’t feel like discovering new tastes and dishes, here’s Americas Top 5: French fries, hamburger, fried chicken, eggs, pizza. If this list contains one of your favorites, and we’re sure it does, then don’t hesitate and celebrate the holiday the way you want. Invite your friends over for a party and serve your favorite food.

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