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National Military Family Month is an annual occurrence in the USA designed to recognise the commitment and sacrifices that the families of those serving in the military make.

Often unrecognised, military families are the backbone of the services, providing unconditional love and support to family members often working in difficult and often dangerous environments.


Established in 1996 by the Armed Services YMCA the month of awareness raising, celebration, support and thanks giving has been recognised every year since by the President signing a proclamation declaring November as the recognised month we celebrate military families.

There a lots of organzations associated with the military who back this campaign and many ways in which you can demonstrate your appreciation or even assist military members and families.  Some of the suggested activities include:

  • Visiting a war memorial and learning more about the military in your community.
  • Providing care packages to those on deployment, or providing emotional support to the families at home.
  • Contact your nearest military base Morale, Welfare, And Recreation (MWR)¬†office to see what events or activities might be planned on-post honoring families including special events, contests, or discounts for local businesses or attractions.

With lots of publicity surrounding the work that members of the military participate in, this campaign throughout November is a fantastic way to support the families who often make it possible for active members to fulfil their role.



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