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What a time to be alive!  Today is National Chocolate Day!  Celebrated on July 28th in the USA, National Chocolate Day is one of many informal food observances that take place.

What may seem to us like a form of instant gratification, behind every chocolate treat is a story involving many participants from across the globe, state of the art manufacturing and attention to detail.

Milk chocolate is the most popular type of chocolate across the globe, being used in the vast majority of candy bars.  Although specialist chocolates have become more popular in recent years, milk chocolate continues to be the biggest seller across the USA.

Pure chocolate liquor can have a bitter taste therefore sugar and sometimes milk are added.  Milk chocolate is made with chocolate liquor mixed with fat (typically cocoa butter), sugar, and milk in the form of liquid milk, milk powder, or condensed milk.  Our favourite treat was invented by German company Jordan & Timaeus in 1839 although originally was only available as a beverage. In 1870s, Swiss confectioner Daniel Peter created solid milk chocolate which was made with condensed milk.  Milk chocolate is one of the sweetest types of chocolate. The minimum amount of cocoa solids contained in milk chocolate varies by country depending on the local regulations. In the USA the minimum amount of cocoa solids is 10%  however in Europe this increases to 25%.  Who knew milk chocolate could differ so much!   The concentration of milk solids varies, too, from 12% in the United States and Canada to 14% in the European Union.

So go ahead, make yourself a cup of milk chocolate, stock up on your favourite milk chocolate treats and try not to make yourself feel ill!  Just in case you need to justify the calorific intake, just remember chocolate causes the brain to release endorphins.  There’s no wonder a bit of chocolate makes us feel sooooo good!

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