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National Sandwich Day is the North American version of British Sandwich Week and is set to take place on November 3rd, 2018. The event was launched in the USA in 2017 and proved to be such an international success that it will make a reappearance in 2018.

The event provides the perfect platform for professional sandwich makers to share details of their businesses visa social media. Companies are encouraged to offer special deals and promotions related to special sandwiches that they offer and share details of their promotions on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


People who want to get extra exposure for their business will find that National Sandwich Day is the perfect opportunity. This is a great time to celebrate the mighty sandwich by creating special fillings and combinations to tempt hungry people and perhaps even organising a sandwich party to help add a festive feel to the day.

Of course, anyone who has a love for sandwiches will want to make sure that they keep a keen eye out for deals and promotions on National Sandwich Day. With plenty of businesses joining in the fun, there is sure to be something tasty to sink your teeth into close by. Some of the largest companies that are set to join in the fun with special deals include Subway, McDonald’s, Quiznos and Firehouse Subs, while plenty of restaurants and other types of eateries are also sure to throw their hat into the ring as the big day approaches.

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