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National Skipping Day 2020

This will be the eighteenth annual National Skipping Day organised by Skipping Workshops. We usually have around 250 schools & 50,000 children taking part. (the record is 262 schools and just over 62,000 children!). The main theme in 2019 will a national attempt at 15 million skips on the day! The arithmetic?…. we hope to have 150 schools from across the UK taking part, with an average of 100 children per school. Each child will be set the challenge of managing a grand total of 1000 skipping during the day ( it should take between 15 -20 minutes). The average for each school would be 100,000 skips .. so the national target will be 150 x 100 x 100,000 = 15 million! Skipping Workshops is preparing a simple one-side-of-A4 guide. This will give a range of ideas as to how the day might be organised as well as a suggested score sheet for the children to collate their individual scores. There will also be ideas as to how to involve younger children who are new to skipping. If your school wishes to take part in this national event, please return the form below to Skipping Workshops. Please tick the appropriate space if you want us to send you the guide. Please note, this is a just for fun‚event; there is no registration fee, no fund-raising and no prizes. It is simply an attempt to encourage thousands of children to have some healthy exercise through skipping. If you wish to participate, please return the form below to Skipping Workshops, as soon as possible. Any queries please contact Harold Galley on 0208 786 7707; for more information please click here.

March 20 2020


United Kingdom

United Kingdom