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FRIDAY 24th April 2020

 This will be the eighteenth annual National Skipping Day organised by Skipping Workshops. We usually have around 250 schools & 50,000 children taking part. (the record is 262 schools and just over 62,000 children!).


The main theme for 2020 is ‘promoting playground skipping’. To support schools that participate Skipping Workshops is preparing a detailed guide with suggested activities for all age groups, starting with Nursery and then specific ideas for all year groups from YR –Y6.

In addition, all schools taking part will be sent 10 child ropes  free of charge, courtesy of NORtech Jump Ropes.

Any school hosting a visit during this academic year will receive further free ropes as well as a more detailed guide to playground skipping games and activities.

If your school wishes to take part in this national event, please return the form  below to Skipping Workshops. Please tick the appropriate space if you want us to send you the guide and provide a postal address so we can send you the free ropes.

Please note, this is a ‘just for fun’ event; there is no registration fee, no fund-raising and no prizes. It is simply an attempt to encourage thousands of children to have some healthy exercise through skipping. If you wish to participate, please return the form below to Skipping Workshops, as soon as possible.


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