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If you think this is a celebration of not moving, then your spelling needs a bit of work National Stationery Week is all about cheerleading the act of writing by hand, and encouraging people from all around the globe to share details of their favourite pens, pencils, sharpeners, and whatever fills their pencil cases. If they have one. It’s certainly an odd get-together, but one that may be taking advantage of a shift in trends that may force people to abandon the venture of handwriting altogether.

In a world where people like us are typing this on a keyboard instead of writing it by hand, it might be quite a good initiative; for all we know, handwriting may be a trade as dead as lamp-lighting, town crying or door-to-door sales. So, get your Staedtler Noris school pencils, your Helix 30cm rulers and your Bic for Her range of comfortable, female-friendly medium ballpoint pens, and go wild for a week.