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As humans , we tend to take our health pretty seriously. But when was the last time you took your cat for a general check up? If the answer is ‘you cant remember’ then use today as a gentle reminder to get your feline friend booked in for a health check. National Take Your Cat To The Vet Day on August 22nd is the day used to remind cat owners to pay a visit to the Vets.

American Veterinary Medical Association have over the years established numerous pet health awareness events, that encourage pet owners to visit the vet. While you may think that your pet cat is at pretty low risk of picking up illnesses, they can often become infected with dangerous diseases from stray cats, found roaming the streets.

While keeping your pussy inside is likely to protect your him or her from danger, you can bring a virus or helminth eggs on your shoes. There are also many common illnesses that cats can develop and that can go unnoticed for a period of time. We know how well loved and cared for your pets are, but nevertheless, don’t waste time and take your cat to the vet to find out, if your pet is in a good health condition. And then give them a special treat for the upheaval!


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