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Getting to know your neighbours can not only come in handy when you need a cup of sugar or collecting a parcel, it can also be a great way of fostering new friendships.

But the reality is we’re often too busy, and too conscious of being intrusive, to prioritise making time for them. These divides are often not deliberate but just ‘the way things are’.


Since Amstel was first brewed in 1870 by two friends who wanted to share a better bier, Amstel has always been about fostering friendships over a pint of bier. After finding that over half of Brits don’t know their neighbour’s name and only 4 in 10 feel connected to their local community, Amstel, a brand that champions bringing people together, has launched an official awareness event, Neighbours’ Week (17 – 23 June 2019), which encourages neighbours across the country to come together at the heart of the community – the local pub.

Once you get to know your neighbours, Amstel’s found the biggest benefits are more friendships (33%) and a greater sense of community (29%); so you not only feel at home within your own four walls and behind your fence, but the entire neighbourhood becomes a much-needed local support system.

The study, conducted by Amstel in collaboration with OnePoll, shed a light on the number of people who don’t know their neighbours in the UK.

• Only 5% of people feel very close to their neighbour
• Over half of Brits don’t know what their neighbour’s name is
• 31% of people don’t know what their neighbours look like
• Over 70% wouldn’t invite a neighbour round for a party
• Only 4 in 10 feel connected to their local community
• Out of the 12 regions in the UK, Londoner’s felt the most distant to their neighbours
• Londoner’s are the most likely people in the UK to gain more friendships by being closer to their neighbours
• Nearly half of people agree that more events at pubs would make it easier for them to socialise with their neighbours

With thousands of pubs at the heart of communities and a natural space for bringing people together, Neighbours’ Week means that you no longer need to wait for the next street party to connect with your neighbour. Whether that’s joining in a knees-up, breaking the ice at a comedy night, quizzing each other at games evening, hosting live performances, or simply sharing a bier – Amstel encourages you to get down to your local to celebrate Neighbours’ Week.


You can get involved in the chat around neighbours week on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #NeighboursWeek or catch us on You Tube

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