Palm Sunday in Western Christianity 2018

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Palm Sunday in Western Christianity 2018

According to the Bible explicitly in the New Testament, Jesus Christ arrived in Jerusalem on a donkey approximately a week before his resurrection. The people have heard of his miracles believed he was the prophesied Messiah, so they laid their clothes on pathways to welcome him in the city. Others took Palm branches and lay down on his path too.

His action of arriving at the city with a donkey was considered an act of peace and not destruction or war. In modern times Christians celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entry in Jerusalem with a feast called Palm Sunday.

As the name indicates, Palm Sunday is celebrated on a Sunday to mark the start of the last week of Lent. Palm branches which are seen as a sign of joy, victory, and goodness over enemies since the old times are carried by Christians after they are blessed in a solemn procession.

Depending on the church, the procession is attended by everyone while some churches only allow children to participate in the procession. Some believers store the blessed Palm branches until the following year where they will be burnt on Ash Wednesday.

In some countries where the Christian faith is still strong, the priest usually arrives for service on a donkey. In other countries, the event is just celebrated by holding a procession to bless the Palm branches and mark the start of the holy week.

In areas where people have no accessibility to palm branches, boxwood, taxus, willow, and olive are used as an alternative.

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