Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week 2017

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RAAW 2017 will focus on ‘Invisible Illness’ and what goes on ‘Behind the Smile’. People who break their arm or experience an injury are obviously in bad shape but we can see their injury and understand their limitations. But for the millions of people who are living with an invisible illness such as rheumatoid arthritis, explaining what’s wrong is another side effect of the condition. Not only do they have to put up with challenging, often painful, and sometimes debilitating conditions every day, but on top of that, they may have to face scepticism from people – friends, family, and co-workers, as well as strangers who don’t understand what’s wrong.

Throughout the week we will be focussing on a number of different themes around invisible illness:

The Week
Monday Invisible Illness; general public perspectives
Tuesday Families and friends: how to support someone with RA
Wednesday GPs and diagnosis: how a GP can encourage people to spot particular signs at home and look for indicators
Thursday Behind The Smile launch: exploring what it is like to live with RA, tips and hacks
Friday Managing RA in the workplace: how to manage symptoms that affect work, we will look at different perspectives
Saturday Intimacy and relationships: advice on relationships when living with long-term conditions
Sunday Coming Out, the stigma associated with invisible illness. NRAS, we’re here for you

How can you get involved?

Get Involved in RA Awareness Week

  • Spread the word on Social Media
    • Add the RAAW frame to your profile picture on Facebook – http://www.nras.org.uk/ra-awareness-week-facebook-frame
    • Change your Facebook cover image during RA awareness week (download here)
    • Sign the official RAAW 2017 Thunderclap (link)
    • Spread the word by sharing and re-tweeting our posts and videos using #behindthesmile – take a photo with our smiley lips and share what goes on behind your smile.
  • Raise funds for NRAS – visit nras.org.uk/fundraise or call us on 01628 823 524. We can give you ideas!
  • Arrange a meeting with your MP or write to them – step by step guide available here.
  • Order the RA Awareness Week pack from our website here.

For media enquiries please contact media@nras.org.uk

June 19 2017


Start: June 19, 2017
End: June 25, 2017
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