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This September is the Guardians of Grub Stand Up For Food month, when businesses from across the hospitality and food service sector will be measuring their food waste and making changes to lower the amount of perfectly good food wasted.

This is important because even small, simple changes can have a big impact, when we all make them. The Guardians of Grub tools and techniques are based on best practice, and have been designed by business for business.

If you’re a food professional and no matter what your business or your job role, you can take action and make a difference. You should get involved because:

  • You will be helping to save our planet by reducing the amount of food needlessly wasted in the hospitality and food service sector. One million tonnes of food prepared by the sector is thrown away each year; 75% of this could have been eaten.
  • Taking action on food waste is more simple than you might think.Check out our operational resources with quickstart guides, tracking sheets, calculators and more to help you reduce food waste.
  • This is a relevant issue for your customers: climate change and the need to act more responsibly to save our planet is high on the public agenda, and can influence customer choice.
  • Reducing food waste will benefit the bottom line: food waste costs the sector £2.9 billion each year. By making small changes you could start seeing a benefit to your profit margin. Check out our case studies for proof that this works.
  • Stand Up For Food month is a great PR opportunity: broadcast the great work you’ll be doing to reduce food waste. Check out our campaign resourceshere.

Find out more and join in here.