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The Big Draw is the world’s largest drawing festival with the goal of promoting visual literacy and art education.

It’s an annual event that is held between the 1st to 31st of October. The types of organisations that hold the event include museums, schools, galleries, community centres, or simply people who are enthusiastic about drawing.

The festival started in the UK but events take place all over the world. In 2017 there were 26 countries that participated in The Big Draw festival and this number continues to grow. There are official Big Draw festival logos for every country that participates as well.

The Big Draw festival also holds an awards ceremony to showcase the events help by organisers worldwide. These are determined by a panel of innovators and art educators. The winners are chosen based on resourcefulness, innovation, and facilitating participation with the theme. There are 8 categories of awards and they include primary school, secondary school, art clubs and societies, community, participatory and libraries award, museums & galleries, guest panellist choice, founder’s award, business industry award, and the people’s choice award.

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