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Humanists around the world celebrate World Humanist Day every year on 21st June. The day of the June solstice, a day symbolised by gatherings, it is an occasion for Humanists to promote the values they hold. Activities ranging from parties, conferences and activist gatherings will be staged in countries across the globe to promote the Humanist view.

Humanism embraces the value of the human, promoting critical thinking over dogma. Typically secular and democratic in approach, humanists look to human experience and rational thinking for knowledge and values. World Humanist Day originally began in America in the 1980s, but has since grown in to a worldwide event recognising the global nature of Humanist thought.

On the day many activities will take place across the world. From proclamations to ceremonies, parties to videos and conferences, World Humanist Day is an opportunity to publicise Humanism, to reach out to the media and educate. Different themes may be adopted in different countries but each to the same aim, to improve awareness of Humanist thinking and Humanist values.

Money and awareness may be raised for a free-thought group in another country, illustrating the solidarity of the movement. With June 21st being summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere many participants will take to the outdoors to mark the day, either with a party or even a picnic, encouraging families to get involved and learn all about the ethical values of humanism.

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