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World Meditation Day 2019

De-stress with World Meditation Day 2019

People who are suffering from the stress and strains of everyday life should make sure that they take the chance to unwind by joining World Meditation Day 2019. The latest instalment of this annual event is scheduled for May 21st and people from all around the world will be gathering together to take part in group meditation sessions.

Many people recommend meditating for at least twenty minutes each day to help clear the mind and promote good mental health. One of the great things about meditating is that no experience is necessary to join in a meditation session and it can be dine virtually anywhere and at any time.

A large number of special events are set to occur during World Meditation Day 2019. Gyms and recreation centres and popular venues for meditation sessions, while many yoga studios also hold guided meditation sessions. The iconic London nightclub Fabric is also getting in on the action during World Meditation Day 2019, while most of the parks in London will be transformed into spots when group meditation can be practiced.

Of course, you do not need to join one of these scheduled events to reap the benefits of World Meditation Day 2019. Simply find a peaceful spot where you feel relaxed and happy, preferably in nature if possible. Close your eyes, relax and reflect. Many people find that concentrating on a single sentence helps them to focus and empty their mind, while other people like to play soft music to help block out other background noise.

May 21 2019