World Milk Day 2018

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World Milk Day 2018

Raise Your Glass and Grab an Oreo

Back for its eighteenth anniversary, World Milk Day falls on June 1st 2018. Being our very first source of nutrition from when we were babies, milk is one of the most important foods in the world. Join the growing number of people from many different countries across the world to celebrate the creamy delight that is milk.

Back in 2001, somebody decided that the world should take a day to celebrate anything and everything related to milk. They requested that the FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organisations of the United Nations) should put forward a specific day for these festivities – they selected June 1st, and the rest his history!

The tradition of celebrating World Milk Day on June 1st came from the fact that many countries were already celebrating World Milk Day on or around this date. A date in late May was originally proposed, but some countries felt that they already had too many holidays around this time. As a result, June 1st became the special day dedicated to milk.

World Milk Day puts a lot of attention on milk and does a great job in publicising activities connected with the milk industry. The fact that many countries around the globe all choose this specific day for World Milk Day shows that milk is a food that is cherished worldwide.

June 01 2018


Date: June 1, 2018
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