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On the 27th of September every year, the world celebrates the World Tourism Day. The reason for World Tourism Day is to cultivate and create awareness among the society globally on the significance of tourism, and it’s social, political, financial and also cultural worth and value. The occasion tries to address common difficulties stated by the United Nations of Millennium Development Goals. It is also to feature and recognise the commitment the tourism industry can make in achieving these objectives.
World Tourism Day details.
In 2018, the European Council on Tourism and Trade has chosen the topic for world tourism day as Tourism for Protecting Culture and Heritage. As celebrated around the world, the World Tourism Day at the European Council on both trade and tourism is observed for the most part toward the finish of September every year and is facilitated in the capital of the nation, which is in return delegated as World’s Best Tourist spot of the Year.

It is evident that tourism plays a key part in advancing social learning and giving the essential apparatuses and general conclusion bolster in ensuring world heritage. World Tourism Day is praised far and wide in each nation and city keen on tackling the energy of tourism for development, improvement and social personality. The capital of Cambodia Phnom Penh was assigned by the European Council on Tourism and Trade as the coordinator and official host of World Tourism Day 2018 events.

The principle this global Tourism Day is to feature the worldwide criticalness of tourism as an apparatus for worldwide advancement and social improvement. As the European Council on Tourism and Trade President Dr Anton Caragea says Tourism is the best teacher on the planet. It is one of the objectives of the World Tourism Day festivities that are being led all through the world.