It seems the excitement of the New Year is well and truly over for Brits, with people taking to social media to complain about everything from traffic and commuting to exercise and morning TV.

New research by 247 Blinds has discovered just how difficult people in the UK find getting back into their morning routine after the Christmas period. The research looked at the most common ‘morning moans’ during January, based on popular topics on Twitter. The top 10 most frequent complaints were found to be:

  • Traffic (43,000+ tweets)
  • Feeling ill (39,000+ tweets)
  • Good Morning Britain (morning TV) (26,000+ tweets)
  • Getting out of bed (5,000+ tweets)
  • Commuting (1,000+ tweets)
  • Going to the gym (346+ tweets)
  • Dark mornings (345+ tweets)
  • Cold mornings (201+ tweets)
  • Phone battery issues (196+ tweets)
  • Slow walkers (54+ tweets)

The results show that people across the UK are struggling to feel motivated and productive. Hope Bastine, psychologist in mindfulness and sleep at Fresh Perception, said: “During the holiday season our schedule is relaxed. We are able to unwind and feel the benefits of a better quality of life by connecting with loved ones. However, once the working week begins, people are adjusting to a tighter timeline, especially in the morning. It can be a major shock to the system, not only because it is stressful but also because people are suffering from the shock of less sleep because they are getting up earlier.

To help those struggling with the January blues, 247 Blinds worked with a number of experts to find out how to make yourself more of a ‘morning person’. Here are their top tips:


Exercise is key

Personal trainer at, Mollie Millington, believes that exercise plays an essential role in helping with productivity. She says: “Exercise releases endorphins which cause the body to experience feelings of happiness. Set simple fitness goals at first and embrace the fresh air by incorporating at least one walk into your day, whether this is in the morning or on your lunch break.”


Sleep it off

Restore your body and get ready to take on the day with a good night’s sleep. Sleep experts at Room to Sleep give their tips on how to get into a good sleep routine: “Always take the time to relax and unwind in the evening by letting go of your concerns in the hour leading up to bedtime. If you find it hard to relax in the evening, try having a hot bubble bath, practising mindfulness or reading a book to help calm your mind.

“Optimise your sleeping environment by eliminating clutter, keeping technology out of the room and investing in a good quality, comfortable mattress. You may also want to consider avoiding stimulants such as coffee throughout the day to increase your chances of better quality sleep.”


Care for your mental health

Psychologist, Hope Bastine, gives her advice on caring for your mental wellbeing by adjusting your routine and taking some time out. She says: “Try to give yourself some ‘me time’ in the morning, even if this just means getting up ten minutes earlier so that you can squeeze in a quiet moment to sip your coffee, do a few stretches or practice meditation.

“At this time of year, the impact of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) takes a leap. One of the main reasons for this is because of reduced daylight house and our lack of exposure to sunlight. If you think you might be suffering from SAD, try sleeping with a lamp that mimics natural daylights, eat happy foods that are high in serotonin such as figs, eggs and cheese and take a break to go outside and take in the daylight.”

For further advice on how to improve your morning routine this year, and products that can help you in the morning, visit:

If you’re looking for some excitement to help you beat the January blues, 247 Blinds has looked at the activities happening across the UK for Blue Monday:

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