Welcome to awarenessdays.com, a digital curation of UK, US and international Awareness Days, Weeks, Months and Events.

Our aim is to create a central resource, making awareness days more easily accessible to a wider audience and with improved accuracy of information covering the leading Awareness Days and Events.

The Awareness Days calendar is a combination of research by our staff who have painstakingly trawled the internet to add and verify the accuracy of our featured awareness days, and user generated content, submitted by organisers across the globe.

The calendar is a constantly evolving project. If you feel that there is an important awareness day missing, please get in touch. Your input is greatly appreciated in helping us to create an accurate and useful database.

As well as our online calendar, we have also created an Awareness Days Tool Kit – including an event list download, printable calendars and automatic Awareness Day alerts. You can find out more about the Tool Kit here.

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