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October is Lupus Awareness Month. The aim of the month is to raise awareness of the condition, the varying symptoms that people with lupus can exhibit and its impact on the lives of the many people who live with it.

Lupus is an immune system illness that mainly affects females and can affect any part of the body. Due to the variety of symptoms that lupus can produce, it often goes undiagnosed for long periods and during this time can cause damage to a number of different organs such as the skin, lungs, heart and brain. Lupus is believed to be genetic in origin, and there is no known cure.


The Lupus Awareness Month campaign uses the hashtag #THISISLUPUS, and during the month those affected by lupus are asked to share their stories and pictures on social media or by sending them directly to Lupus UK at www.lupusuk.org. You can also order a range of leaflets and posters from the website to help raise awareness in your local community.

There are also a number of different events happening throughout the month to raise awareness such as a Go That Extra Mile Sponsored Walk and Lunch 4 Lupus. Participants can also help to raise awareness by wearing purple for the day and encouraging others to do the same.

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