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Three weeks ago, we at the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership announced that we would be pausing this years UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness week, due to take place 4 – 10th May.

Our followers understood why we paused the week, in the guise it was going to run but have been in contact with us seeking advice on support for mums and families during this difficult and unusual time.


Therefore, after consultation with support groups, parents & professionals who are supporting families, we are delighted to announce that we will be running the awareness week but with a revised focus.

The theme this year will no longer be ‘Journey to Recovery’ but instead will now be ‘Supporting mums during difficult times’ which will enable us to provide a supportive platform where we can reassure families and signpost them to vital resources and safe support which is what people need most at this time.

Our energies will focus on ensuring parents feel well informed & supported at this time when anxieties are heightened for so many.

This year, we will have simple daily themes which will enable people to find information easily. We will not be asking for selfies, will run a number of Facebook lives and a #PNDhour will take place on 6th May on Twitter and Facebook. We will not be producing any downloadable materials as gathering and events cannot be held but we will be sharing resources ahead of and during the week.

Thank you for supporting our response to the ever changing situation. We look forward to the awareness week!

The official hashtags for the week will be;


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