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June is National Candy Month!

Established by the National Confectioners Association, the month of June is used as away of celebrating over 100 years of candy production.


As well as celebrating the fact that we have had candy in our lives for over 100 years, the National Confectioners Association also likes to highlight the economic impact that the industry has had ( directly employing over 55,000 people) and the success of the manufacturing story associated with candy production. For every one job within the industry, seven other roles are created in associated industries- it is fair to say therefore that the candy industry makes a significant impact on our economy.

In a world where consumers demand more and more information about the food they eat, the awareness month is also an opportunity to educate consumers allowing them to make informed choices about their favourite confectionery. The ‘Always a Treat’ Initiative launched by the NCA aims to go one step further than providing information about what it is that consumers are purchasing, but also offers advice and guidelines on portion control and the consumption of sweet treats as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Use hashtags #NationalCandyMonth #Alwaysatreat #Randomactofsweetness

So get involved and treat yourself to some candy. Eat candy responsibly!


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