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May 11th is World Ego Awareness Day. The object of this day is to increase awareness of the issue of ego, and how it can impact upon everything that we do. Ideally, there would be an emphasis on self-improvement and removing ego all year round, but of course this is not always the case. A dedicated World Ego awareness day will help to focus attention on the issue, and build broader understanding.

The Ego Awareness Movement was set up in 2018, as a network to support those who are struggling with mental conditions relating to ego. The goal is to help prevent others from suffering from abuse or impairments because they are dealing with issues surrounding ego.

Excessive Ego is Unhealthy

An excessively egoic mind can cause many afflictions, including rage, prejudice, inferiority complexes, feelings of superiority, stress related violence, racism, sexism and more. Ego issues can cause a need for approval and struggles with empathy and relationships. Those who are struggling with their ego are more likely to feel lonliness and despair.

Egotism is a learned behaviour, and it is a form of emotional and psychological form of abuse. When they are told that they are being abused, or being the victimizer, they may struggle to accept that idea because it is so nebulous and hard to quantify the behaviours.

Taking Part in World Ego Awareness Day

World Ego Awareness Day is a day that allows people to raise awareness by sharing information and social media posts, talking to advocates, attending Meetup Groups, and taking part in local events. Use this day to share ideas and information, and meet others that are interested in the idea of taming the ego.