Life in lockdown has not only allowed us to spend more quality time at home with our families (of the human kind), but also with our pets too! Whether your pet has become your new working from home buddy, or they’ve just been there keeping your spirits up…this precious time has given us the opportunity to witness all their cute quirks and funny personalities more than ever!

With this in mind, and the fact that it’s National Dog Day on the 26th August, Safestyle are launching a nationwide #DoginWindow photo competition to tie in with this special day.

Dogs are often seen spying through the windows at home; whether they’re sat snooping out onto the street, or whether they’ve been sat at the window ready to greet you when you return from the shop with your essential supplies – Safetsyle want to see your heartwarming and funny #DoginWindow snaps!

National Dog Day is not just a time to celebrate our special pets, but it’s also to help raise awareness around the number of dogs worldwide who face cruelty and harsh conditions. Therefore as part of this campaign, Safestyle will also be donating £2,500 to a selected dog charity to show its appreciation.

The competition starts on 10th August 2020 and ends on 31st August 2020 at 11 pm and we’ll be announcing the winner within 14 days of the closing date