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Indie Author Week 2018 is held between June 9th and 16th. This event is an annual event organized by ‘Team Author UK’, an independent publishing firm in North Wales. The week showcases the talent and creativity of UK independent authors.
Events are held around the UK and online.

During Indie Authors Week, schools, libraries, bookshops, businesses and community groups are encouraged to participate and show their support for independent authors and their skill.


Independent authors are authors who produce and publish their own work without an agency or a publishing house, they do not get a ‘book deal’ but instead arrange the production and marketing of their own books and retain all the rights and royalties. It isn’t an easy option, as marketing an independent book to the point of making profit is quite challenging. But in this era and with publishing deals hotly competed for and often hard to obtain, independent authors and publishing has become a booming business.

The week gives authors a chance to showcase their work, run book signing events and give readings, talks and presentations as well as interact with the press and media about their work. It also allows independent publishers an opportunity to offer advice, courses and workshops, for example on marketing and editing, book reviews, and more, and to showcase their range of services available to independent authors.

The event is still growing but has numerous events around the UK for this year’s event, including literary festivals which have associated themselves with the week.

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