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Though originally from France in the 18th century, chocolate mousse has gained popularity over the years to become a celebrated dessert in the world that it has its own celebration day in the year.  April 3 is considered a National Chocolate Mousse Day.

Whether you like it airy, creamy, light or thick is up to you because the taste of chocolate mousse is delicious and tasty in any form. What matters is your preparation techniques.
The best part is that you can present it the way you like it. You can serve your chocolate mousse in a juice glass, shot glass or even a martini glass. Basically you get to choose how you want to enjoy the heavenly taste of chocolate mousse with friends or family members.

If you plan on serving chocolate mousse in multi-course dessert then you can present it in spoons or pass it to your guests on a tray.

For toppings, you can add your favorite berries (strawberries or blueberries) to create a unique and colorful presentation. If you will be working on April 3 you can also carry your tasty chocolate mousse to enjoy with coworkers. To make sure that the taste remains as delicious as chocolates should be, it is best to freeze it overnight.

For different tastes and flavors, you can find unique recipes online to try during this year’s National Chocolate Mousse Day.

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