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Youth Mental Health Day 2020

Youth Mental Health Awareness Day was established by the charity stem4 which supports teenagers and young adults to build positive mental health.
As the first mental health day aimed at this age group, the Youth Mental Health Awareness Day aims to encourage understanding and awareness in young people.
This year (2020) is the first Youth Mental Health Awareness Day and will be focused on building resilience with the theme ‘Bounce Not Break’.
The social media campaign focuses on sharing with young people ways they can build personal resilience by bouncing back from challenges.
The campaign focuses on the need to understand that anyone, however successful or seemingly popular, or funny, can face struggles with mental health, but that you can bounce back by finding a strategy that helps you cope.
On September the 7th, Youth Mental Health Awareness Day, young people will be encouraged to share their positive messages and videos under #BounceNotBreak across their social media platforms.
Since COVID-19 arrived on our shores, the need for resilience and the ability to bounce back has never been greater. stem4 has witnessed a huge increase in visits to its website.
For more information and resources on Youth Mental Health Awareness Day and Bounce Not Break go to: http://youthmentalhealthday.co.uk/

stem4 provides resources, including free apps, for young people to encourage good mental health, ward off anxiety and low mood, encourage calm and prevent self harm. stem4 also helps and provides resources to those supporting young people including; parents and carers, education professionals, GPs and school nurses.
The charity delivers mental health education, resilience strategies and early intervention. As well as the free apps, these are delivered through an innovative education programme, a clinically-informed website and mental health conferences.
stem4 is run by one of the country’s leading clinical psychologists, Dr. Nihara Krause, who also advises Parliament on mental health issues.

September 07 2020


United Kingdom

United Kingdom