New videos released this week aim to educate people on the importance of checking their breasts for signs of cancer, and how to conduct a self-examination.

Created by MYA Cosmetic Surgery, the videos show that women who have had breast augmentation surgery need to check theirs slightly differently compared to those without implants. Joanne, a clinic nurse at MYA, explains the signs and symptoms of changes you should look out for and how to examine yourself both with and without implants.

 The video also shows how men should make the same checks, particularly important as there are 390 men each year diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK.

More information can be found over on the MYA forum:

Further advice

Joanne provided further advice for those who have had breast augmentation:

“Women that have breast implants need to be able to differentiate between their own implant and scar tissue while still being thorough when carrying out their own breast self-examination.

“It would be helpful to have your surgeon or clinic nurse identify the edges of the implants, so you are comfortable with what you are feeling. Some implant placements can push out the breast tissue, which can help make the breast self-examination easier.

“Do not examine your own breast when healing (up to six weeks post op) or when they are tender or swollen, which tends to be when you are menstruating.

“However, carrying out breast self-examination monthly is highly recommended. Many women choose the week after their period, as it is easy to remember if you are on a monthly cycle. Set a reoccurring reminder for yourself in your calendar to ensure you don’t forget.”

Joanne added: “Whether you have implants or not it is extremely important to be familiar with your breasts so that you can easily notice if something looks or feels out of the ordinary. As October is Breast Cancer awareness month, we want everyone to know what they should be looking for and offer a sense of reassurance, whether you’ve had surgery or not.”

MYA have also produced this useful graphic, highlighting the 8 main signs of breast cancer.