Walt Disney’s Birthday

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Walt Disney’s Birthday

Because obviously there isn’t enough excitement already in December, with loads of great films on TV and kids excitement at an all time high, we thought we would remind you that December 5th is the birthday of Walt Disney.

Born in 1901 Walt Disney went on to become one of the worlds most recognised names, brands and entrepreneurs.    From showing an interest in drawing from a young age, Walt become employed as a commercial illustrator, moving to California in the early 1920’s and creating Mickey Mouse in 1928.  It was from the same studios, the Disney Brothers Studio, that early hit films such as Snow White & the Seven Dwarves, Pinnochio, Fantsaia, Dumbo & Bambi were created with the studio becoming more and more advanced.  The studio became pioneers by introducing synchronised sound, full color three strip technicolor, feature length cartoons and leading advancements in cameras.

Following from his early success making TV shows and movies pre and post the Second World War, Disney went on to build Disneyland and later Disneyworld which are now known throughout the world and still attract millions of visitors each year.

Walt’s life has been televised and documented over many years so why not spend today learning more about how the man from humble beginnings became one of the worlds best known names and maybe take some inspiration from his story.

Or you could just sit and watch the back catalogue of Disney Films – it may take you a while!


December 05 2018


Date: December 5, 2018
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