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A celebration of Online Business Networking across the world, developing relationship and creating business opportunities.

In 2020 – the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world with devastating effects, not least the arrival of a new recession. Business people had to reconsider how they operated.

Networking is the lifeblood of business communication and a quick solution was needed – after all, in-person meetings were prohibited. Online networking quickly became the new ‘normal’.
World Online Networking Day celebrates with:

A day designated to celebrate the interaction of business people across the world through online networking.
A day to increase awareness, and to illustrate the necessity, of online networking in today’s climate.
A day to celebrate organisers of online networking groups (of which there are thousands) from which business people benefit.
A day to celebrate those who participate in online networking – from the ‘professional’ networker to the ‘pop in now and again’ networker – who provide a vivid and varied pool of personalities across the online landscape.
A day to be thankful for the technology, which boost our online networking capabilities, activities and ultimately creates opportunities to make sales, gain more clients and build relationships.

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