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Attention! All coffee lovers and the coffee confused
International Coffee Day is back! If the only way to start your day is with a coffee then get celebrating. October 1st 2020 sees the return of International Coffee Day. Now in it’s 6th year, its a day when Nations come together to raise a mug to one of the UK’s best loved imports.

Whether it’s a Macchiato or a Cappuccino that takes your fancy or only an Espresso will do, it’s a day to embrace the coffee bean.

Coffee confused? If you stand at the counter of the coffee shop dreading the inevitable list of options or you don’t know your Soya Latte’s from your Flat Whites, there are a whole host of websites dedicated to the subject of coffee. Why not take the opportunity to unravel the mystery around the many ways to drink the famed beverage.
So why do we love it so much?
Coffee is said to have many health benefits, it can actually improve concentration, before hitting the afternoon slump millions of people across the world reach for the coffee to see them through the day.
All rise!
Coffee gets us moving. Who doesn’t need a helping hand in the morning to set them up on the busy day ahead? it increases energy levels for a much needed spring in the step. At a time of year when UK daylight is shrinking, celebrate the beverage with the aroma that can tempt us even on the darkest morning. Here’s to Coffee, Regular, Tall or Grande, enjoy!

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