National Best Friends Day 2019

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National Best Friends Day 2019

June the 8th every year is National Best Friends Day and it’s all about celebrating the friendships that are so important to us.

A lot of research has been done into the benefits of friendships and how they enrich our lives, which has gone on to show that strong social support will boost your happiness, improve self confidence and increase your sense of belonging and purpose.

As much as our friendships are important in day to day life, they are particularly vital in helping us deal with life’s traumas such as bereavements, relationship breakdowns, illness and financial burdens. So go on, send a card or a GIF to those important people in your life as a little reminder how important their friendship is to you.

Here’s a few facts about the wondrous benefits that our friends have on us. So next time life’s getting crazy and you’re thinking about cancelling that catch up with your best mate to work late, get yourself there and grab some downtime with your nearest and dearest!

  1. Friendships may extend our lives.
  2. Friendships help to keep our minds sharp.
  3. Our friends make usĀ  generally healthier.
  4. Our best friends get us through the tough times.
  5. Friends influence us, whether it’s good or bad!)

Happy National Best Friends Day!


June 08 2019


Date: June 8, 2019
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